Time has come to condemn what is happening and what is going to happen if we don’t stop the selfish behavior of capitalistic minds that have been nurtured and disseminated over time through business schools and economic thoughts.
These thoughts and profit-maximizing behavior without constraint.
The lack of teaching ethics in these institutions (e.g., business schools, economics and so on) will only exacerbate the predatory behavior of inexperienced capitalists on people who are experiencing shorter memory span.
I would like to address the issue of medical debt as one of the many problems that many people are experiencing not only in the US but also around the world. This problem is institutionally created because of the held belief that our high educational institutions can solve our problems and make everybody better off.
The medical debt is multifaceted because health providers have become more of a profit-oriented industry which is the wrong approach to solve any health crisis. Healthcare-like education can’t be treated as any other markets because the end consumers in these two markets are the most vulnerable. In Healthcare for instance, when someone is sick, he will sell anything for him to get better and he will trust and buy anything that will heal him/her. One can see this predatory behavior just by observing the rise of the organ-selling market.
I am calling everybody to rise against the profit-maximizing behavior and predatory behavior that some of our citizens are using to control our fear from sickness.
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