Leverage the power of geo-fencing

Let’s talk about how SWIFTpro, data, and geo-fencing.


SWIFTpro seeks to help businesses and academicians to improve business processes and research through real-time, on the dot customer and prospect data.


SWIFTpro is the best platform for businesses that are looking to expand their market share. This platform offers targeted ads and coupons so that managers can understand better their customers’ purchasing behavior. SWIFTpro sends personalized ads or coupons whenever the customers are within the targeted geolocation.


Finding subjects for your research has become easier with SWIFTpro. Our platform can allow you to connect with your subject participants, and also with other researchers from the same institution, location, or research interest. SWIFTpro also allows direct communication with your subjects for further data. What’s best is that the application allows you to consolidate several data sources into one centralized data warehouse.


The novelty of the SWIFTpro is the ability to conduct time-motion study either by mobile users themselves or by a quality improvement researcher. The SWIFTpro research team can provide all the training to assess your customer’s experience.

There is power in data, more especially if it’s real-time!

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